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On the Run With Eugene Tong

One of the OG stylists to mix streetwear with menswear, Eugene Tong’s philosophy has always been grounded in experimentation and integration of seemingly different elements. With an upbringing in Taiwan and majority of his adult life spent in New York, the complex of juxtapositions he’s been exposed to serve as his inspiration — finding order in chaotic cities, retaining and adapting to cultures, mixing classics with the new. Tong channels all of this in his approach to his work. In the latest installment to the #KissMyAirs series, director Jonathon Lim follows Tong to get inside his head while he takes us for a run in the new Nike Air VaporMax.

As someone who has been constantly on the move, Eugene admits he feels like a guest just about everywhere he goes. However, there’s an advantage to this — every place he sees, he sees with new eyes and a fresh perspective. He’s able to interpret a culture differently as an outsider, and combine the best with the best of every place he’s been. Tong tributes his iconic black and white street style to these experiences, finding it to be the perfect solution to blend his Eastern and Western influence and move between the two seamlessly. Keeping things simple and monochromatic for him is key to creating a lasting style, something he sees in the design of the VaporMax.


Like Tong, director Jonathon Lim has also had to move between cultures, with an upbringing in Australia and eventual move to Shanghai for work. He’s had a hand in the streetwear scene working with the likes of Edison Chen and covering music, art and skate culture across Asia. In his opportunity to shoot with Tong between New York and Shanghai, he was able to find a bit of each culture in the other city – streets in New York that would feel like streets in Shanghai and vis versa.

In collaboration with Nike, we’ve covered three RevolutionAirs — Lil’ Buck, Eugene Tong and soon, Lee Yuchun — who have shaken up their industries, be it fashion, music or art. Embodying the attitude of #KissMyAirs, they’re coming together to celebrate the annual Air Max Day on March 26, alongside the global debut of the much-anticipated Nike Air VaporMax.

Their journeys to the forefront of their disciplines have been profiled by three of Asia’s most promising young filmmakers, whose short films which will exclusively premiere here.



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